About Pangaea Cultivar

Founded in 2011 by Eric Gaarde, Pangaea Cultivar Management is a turn-key variety management company. We seek to find and identify potential varieties from around the world, but we also manage the complex process of procurement and importation of plant material. Once plant material has arrived in the U.S. we also assist with the management, control, cultivation and marketing of new varieties in specific regions or countries for the purpose of commercialization.

The idea of Pangaea goes back 300 million years and relates to the world as a supercontinent before it began to drift apart into the various continents we know today. In Greek, Pangaea means “entire earth.” We believe the entire earth is a source for new and unique varieties of fruits. Therefore we maintain relationships with breeders from around the world and continually evaluate new varietal data for interesting and productive plant material.

Leading companies are currently licensing proprietary varieties that deliver on unique or superior flavor or production qualities to give them a leg up on the competition. Contact us today and let us know what products you are looking for — or to see if any of our current products are a fit for your program.